Review of Revlon matte lipstick

Published: 19th April 2011
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Matte lipstick is a type of cosmetic application for lip which is known for its ability to last all day and its lack of shine. Matte lipstick has gone through periods of popularity since it become common for woman to wear lipstick in the early 1900s. Although there hasnít been a head rule, matte lipstick is usually preferred by younger woman.

Have you notice buying a lipstick can be fun as there are many different color and types to suit everyone. Yet buying a lipstick can also be a little daunting since most of us do not want to waste money buying shades or formula that end up not being right for us. Natural lip color and the state of the lip, skin tone and environment are all important considerations to make when buying lipstick.

Cool skin tones have a bluish undertone to them while warm skin tones have more of an orange undertone. Lip colors that are balanced between warm and cool shades such as true red look good on any skin and lip tone. We often automatically choose clothing colors that suit us, so you can use that as your guide when buying lipstick. Corals or dusty pinks, brick reds and bronzed plums tend to suit those with warmer skin tones, while clear pinks, reds and plums tend to suit those with cooler skin tones.

Lip liner is a good cosmetic to buy when you are buying lipstick so that you can choose colors that will work together. Often, a shade of lip liner than is a little darker than the lipstick works best. Lip liner also helps to 'seal in' the lipstick and make it last longer.

With this on your mind now I will like to welcome you to the great and amazing world of Revlon matte lipstick. Revlon matte lipstick, come in different color, I will be reviewing a few of the color later. There is a lot of other matte lipstick out there in the market; you may be wondering why I choose Revlon matte lipstick. The fact is that I am in love with Revlon matte lipstick, on like other matte lipstick that is thick and creamy and hard to spread, Revlon matte lipstick has a dense mousse-like texture which mean it glide easily across the lips. The color is deposited evenly with a smooth and dry but not drying feel (Revlon matte lipstick features a conditioner that protect your lips from over-drying) it is lightweight which a rarity for matte lipstick is.

Revlon matte lipstick has better staying power the most other lipstick; it doesnít smudge, clog up, slide around or rub off. Revlon matte lipstick survived talking and chewing and smooching, there is a little to no stain on the necks of water bottles or glass cups. What astonish me most is that it passes the white shirt test.

But, because it is matte you need to make sure that your lips are in tip top condition before using it. In reality it doesnít dry out your lips, but it would likely accentuate any dry patches already on your lips, so it necessary to exfoliate and moisturize your lips prior to application for a smooth finish.

However if you want to wear any of the shade but donít want it to be matte, a little gloss over the top will be better.


Revlon matte lipstick come in many different range of shades, which is very classic and most of them are universally suitable across all skin tones







REALLY RED--------------------------------a classic pink base red

IN THE RED-----------------------------------a classic brick red

FABULOUS FIG------------------------------ a dark, mated pink

WINE NOT----------------------------------- a dark burgundy brown

PINK ABOUT IT------------------------------a strawberry pink

COCOA CRAVING----------------------------A rose brown


Itís a beautiful shade of red and it applied wonderfully. It looks matte, velvety, but doesnít bleed and it doesnít feel dry, just like a nice non-sticky lipstick


Itís a beautiful shade of rose brown very much in the brown nude family itís going to be a bit dark for light to medium skin tones. I highly recommended the shade for anybody with medium dark/deep skin tones. I great nude brown lipstick for several India skin tones.


Itís a beautiful flesh shade with peachy undertones; it looks so natural on the lips. I highly recommend it for those of medium complexion with golden undertones, it also good for those that has a pale skin, unlike most nude shades, it doesnít look like concealer on the lip (pink and olive and dark undertones be wary)


Although packaging isnít the most important thing, but the lipstick is nicely presented in its tube, it has the classic angled lipstick-shape, with a twist-up mechanism. The case lid has a see through top so you can see the lipstick as well as a shade sticker on the bottom. This is handy for anyone who likes to store then upright, so you can choose one easily.


Revlon matte lipstick is different from any other matte lipstick out there in the store because it features conditioner that protects your lips from over-drying. I did not review many of the shade of the lipstick. Naturally it universally suitable across all skin tones. So go and give your lips the natural effect with this revolutionizing Revlon matte lipstick.


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